Living in Paris

Living in Paris

If you’ve been scrolling around my blog for a bit, you have probably figured out that I’m currently living abroad. And if you’re new here: Welcome, my name is Celine and I’ve been living abroad in Paris since summer 2017. It’s actually my second time living in the city of lights, the first time was during my Erasmus exchange in autumn/winter 2015. 

Moving abroad at 20 years old

I didn’t always want to live in Paris. Actually, I was actively avoiding all internship offers that were in the Paris metropolitan area. During my Bachelor, my French teacher had given one lecture about possible cities to look for internships in, and he recommended avoiding Paris. According to him, the city was too expensive, too large and not really French. And after all these years in the city, I can’t say he’s wrong about that.

For weeks I was looking for internships in Lille and Strasbourg, but without any luck. Eventually I found a very interesting internship in the Dutch Embassy, thanks to the international office of my school. I avoided the fact that it was in the middle of the French capital. 

The 6 months in Paris flew by. Before I knew it, I was packing my bags again, this time I was moving to Gran Canaria. There, I missed the busy Parisian life every day. When the next opportunity came along, I took it. Exactly two years after I had unpacked my bags in my tiny Parisian studio, I found myself in the same place. Doing the exact same thing. 

Preparing for living abroad in Paris yourself?

On this page, I have bundled all the articles I have written about my journey moving to France.